Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream Review

Body Shop are a worldwide brand yet not many beauty bloggers or youtubers 'rave' about Body Shop products. Many love their body butters and when they go on offer (which is like, all the time!) they're a bargain!

This time I have something else for you, The Body Shop ALMOND Hand and Nail Cream. 

This cream is a medium texture cream. Not as rich as some, quite lightweight in fact. It rubs into a more watery consistency and sinks into the skin very quickly.
This cream to me is more like a scented moisturising water, kinda like what face mists do for your face. A little in the long term, not much straight away. I can use this every 2 minutes and my hands still feel the same. It doesn't give any immediate effect to dryness so I skipped using this large version (I had the mini handbag version before). It smells very lightly of almond nothing too overpowering but the smell doesn't linger too long. *sad face*

The packaging is also a total hate relationship in my eyes. The mini one is made of the same packaging and it's a soft aluminium foil like material. When you bend it too much, holes appear and the metal somewhat snaps, then the product leaks. Made a mess in my handbag. Now I'm just trying the large size up for the sake of it.

This is one of my least favourite hand creams of alot that I've tried.

Have you tried this before? What do you think? x


  1. I haven't tried this before, but I love body shop products so i'll probably give it a try! Thanks for the post :) Followed you! be great if you could check out my blog? xxx

  2. I have the same feelings about this hand cream. It's okay but there's better hand creams out there.

    1. yeh.. a bit disappointed really because it smells so nice!! xx