Tuesday, 10 December 2013

MUFE HD Foundation in #N125

This is one of those products that have been raved about by make up artists and beauty bloggers for a long time. During my first recent trip to IMATS London this year I had the opportunity to swatch and test at a counter and I just had to get one! There is nowhere near Birmingham UK where I can get Makeup Forever products. 

I have been using this foundation on and off for the last 6 months so I think it's time for a good old review right?

Makeup Forever HD Foundation in N125
When I first swatched this at IMATS I didn't even think about the coverage or the finish. I was literally looking for the right shade and because I have heard such good things about this product I had a lot of faith in it. 
I ended up with the shade N125. N for neutral. I think they have a wide range of shades but not necessarily for each undertone like Mac do. Mac will do for example NC 20-40 and same 20-40 but NW. MUFE just do 123, 125, 157 and so one but 123 will be pinker than 127 which will be more cool. I found this a little frustrating because when swatching them they were either too cool or too light I just couldn't figure it out. The girl at the counter tried several on my face and I ended up with 125 which is a perfect match for me.

One thing I find so convenient is the packaging! It has a pump with a click on lid! Woo!! It dispenses just the right amount for the whole face. You can pump a little more out if you want more coverage.

This foundation is medium-buildable coverage. The texture is very runny and liquidy. I prefer to use a denser foundation brush for this for more coverage. Make up sponges and stippling brushes just don't do it for me. If you want a truly airbrushed look then a stippling brush will work great with this. As for the "buildableness" it's best to wait for the first layer to set before adding another straight away.
In the picture above I do have moisturiser and primer on so my skin is very radiant looking and the foundation just has a very slight sheen to it. It feels like second skin. I do prefer to set this powder aswel because of my combination skin but it has never made me break out, even when wearing for weeks in a row. Yayy! It also does a good job at covering any blemishes and doesn't accentuate any dry patches which is great because my skin gets very dry in the winter.
Lasting power is around a goof 8hours when used with setting powder.

I do like this foundation and I think it's great for those who work professionally on shoots etc or on clients in general. They have a wide shade range so it's great for mixing too. But for everyday use I would still like to try another.  I will use till it's empty but won't repurchase just yet. There's just sooo much more beauty products calling my name right now! lol!

Have you tried this product? What do you think? x

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder

Helloooo there my beauts!
My recent thoughts for blogging have constantly been skincare as I have really been getting into more skincare products this year. There's no point putting makeup on nasty skin right? It'll just look worse! HOWEVER, I already did a skincare post last so without trying to bore you all here's a makeup review for you todayy =)

When you have a long and hard week at work without leaving yourself much time to look in the mirror AT ALL through the day you need your makeup to last flawlessly. Sound like you? Well if so you will know that setting powder is an essential in a makeup routine to make your makeup last all day!
It's certainly within my EVERYDAY routine!

My current HG is the Laura Mercier Universal Loose Setting Powder, but recently I have been using the NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder.

(I have new makeup brush storage in the background, aren't they prety :D:D:D. (I did have the old clear rectangular muji ones)) Needed a change...

anyway back on the subject!

The packaging is very basic. It did have a removable plastic sticky sheet that you peel off initially and when that's gone you get this basic round hard plastic container with little holes inside. With the amount of setting powders I've used I don't rate this at all. Everytime I twist this thing open there's too much powder out so when I dip my brush into it, half of it flies away. Bleh, messy.

The actual product itself however is very nice.
It's 6g for arond £10 (prices vary online) compared to 11.34g for £29 (Laura Mercier setting powder).
It's less than half the price for around half the amount.
I wouldn't say it's quite as finely milled as the higher end finishing powders but  when blended on the face it's exactly the same. It mattifies the face and makes my makeup last just as long as higher end powders have. It's also completely translucent and doesn't give a cakey white or dry layer over my face. I've used it in targeted areas, under my eyes, my slightly oily t-zone, and all over the face and never any problems.

Overall if you don't want to splurge your money on a high end setting powder, this will do the same job for a fraction of the price. Yes you get less product but you can buy 2 of these and it would still be cheaper than Laura Mercier or Makeup Forever.

I purchased mine from IMATS this year. In the UK I believe this is only available online.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? x

Friday, 15 November 2013

Clinique Superdefense Moisturiser SPF25 Review

 Helloooo my girlies! I'm back with another skincare review since this past year I have been reallllllly getting back into my skincare routine and looking out for new sincare saviours!

Clinique Superdefense moisturiser is one that I have tried and tested and now used up. So I have had plenty of use out of it. If you read my last post I have spoken about my latest skincare choice being the whole 3 step clinique range plus more. I spent alotttt of money that day...and I have been trying very hard to use it all up.

This is supposed to be an anti-aging ("age defense") moisturizer which protects your skin against UVA/UVB rays and pollution. I did also purchase the Moisture Surge intense as well to use as a night cream and this as a day cream alongside the 3 step system and an extra eye cream. (Yeh I know! So long right?)

Anyhoo, I find that this moisturizer does a great job with its thick cream texture that sinks into your skin almost instantly. It's great for a daytime moisturizer because of the SPF. And when used at night on top of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (3 step range) it does it's job.
HOWEVER. This is not much of a repairing moisturizer nor is it a miracle worker. I have been 'diagnosed' ad combination skin. Very mildly oily on the t-zone and totally dry in the winter. My skin can become flaky and is very dehydrated so I prefer a more intensive moisturizer that will restore the oils in my cheeks making them feel silky smooth in the morning. I have tried many moisturizers and even though my skin didn't get completely dry when I use this on a regular basis it just doesn't have that x factor for me. I eventually only use this for my daytime moisturiser and I have been trying other more intensive ones for the night.

  • Great for normal skin or mildly dry skin
  • Has SPF 25
  • Doesn't feel too thick or sticky
  • Price is a little steep for what a minimal job it does for me (£38 for 50ml)
  • Not enough hydration for my skin when used alone.
  • Bulky & heavy packaging. Sleek but heavy.
I do like this moisturizer and I can recommend it to those with normal to dry skin. Mine is very dry to combination and it didn't work out for me. Also great for a daytime moisturizer but not enough repairing ingredients to use as a night time moisturizer. I don't think I would spend £38 on this again I would like to try something new.  7/10

Sunday, 3 November 2013

L'oreal Volume Million Excess Waterproof Mascara Review

Lazy Sunday at home and my quest to join the gym is failing...bf is too lazy and I don't wana go alone...*sigh*

So I guess my quest for blogging begins here.. with a review =)

Funny enough its a mascara review even though I don't even use mascara that much..

L'oreal Volume Million Excess Waterproof Mascara.......bleh bleh bleh names a bit long right? They could of given it another name instead of adding "excess" and "waterproof" on the end of the original Volume Million lashes.

I had finished using my Maybelline falsies mascara and I loved it, but as a beauty junkie I like to try something different. This was my next step.
I have been using this for a few months now so it's drier than what it was. At first the formula was a little wet. The brush is great for separating the eyelashes but the formula itself isn't great for lengthening or volume. At first I had to layer 3 coats for my lashes to be visibly voluminous and it can get a bit clumpy after the first coat too.

These are my already curled lashes with one coat. It looks OK up close but in life its really very light. Not enough for my short Asian lashes. Works very well with the upper lashes and not so great for the lower. On the other hand it doesn't transfer onto my lids whilst drying so I can get right into the roots of my lashes for more umph.

Second coat. Now thats a better result! It can get a bit clumpy in places but a few more strokes takes the clumps out. My lashes are no longer than they were without mascara but they do seem fuller. As for the waterproofness..blehh I don't think its the most waterproof mascara I've tried but it does hold probably 90% of my curl.

PROS: - 

  • Holds curl.
  • Separates Lashes
  • Doesn't transfer
  • Gets clumpy
  • Doesn't thicken or give volume
  • Not entirely waterproof - still wears off just a little on a normal day
Would I buy again? I don't think I will, although I love how it separates the lashes beautifully and holds my curl, there's nothing else about this mascara that makes me fall in love with it. It'll be great for those who have naturally luscious lashes already and just need that little extra something.For £11 I don't think its worth it.