Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January Favourites 2014

As if it's 2014 already! And not only that, it's the end of January....Whhatttt!?! I love seeing monthly/yearly favourites videos, it's a good way to see a collection of great products all at once. So here's mine =)

Elemis Fresh Skin Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm - This peppermint lip balm is full of thirst quenching ingredients such as passionflower oil, sweet almond oil, Sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E. It's a squeezy tube with a lightweight clear jelly lip balm that is non sticky and sinks right into the skin. Some products sink into the skin but don't exactly moisturise , this however makes my lips feel soft right away. I can't stop applying this stuff.

Heroin Make Mascara Remover - I have done a review on this already here. This is my second tube and I am currently loving this as I have tried to wear mascara more than falsies, this helps me get it off without rubbing my eyes too much.

Benefit Hervana Blush - This was in my October 2013 favourites. It seems to come into my cycle every few months. When my skin is ok I like a little flush, when it's not ok I like to use highlight and bronze. Being not much of a blush person this is the perfect light flush I need in the daytime.

Loreal Collection Privee by Cheryl - I have also done a review on this lipstick here. I have used this on it's own, on top of other colours to nude them out or give them a glossier finish without the use of lipgloss. So creamy, moisturising and inexpensive, a great investment.

YSL Golden Gloss 40 - Out of all shades I find this the most flattering. It doesn't have too much colour and is great on top of any lip. Its not sticky at all and gives that natural 'wet' glossy look. Some are sticky and look like plastic glossy. Beautiful gloss in a beautiful shade.

Crown Brush - I got this brush at IMATS last year from Crown, it didn't have a name on it nor can I find it on the website. Such  a bum =(. It's very similar to the Mac 169 but smaller slightly and very slightly less dense. I love this brush for contouring it's the perfect size and shape for my face.

Mac Fluidline Brow GelCreme in Deep Dark Brunette - This was a purchase I made when Mac had there eyebrow collection out. It's probably the same as a standard as the normal fluidlines. It glides on so smoothly yet it's totally buildable. It can look natural or you can intensify it on a night out. Fallen in love with this baby =)

Shiseido Eyelash Curlers - I didn't realise how much I loved these until I got myself the 'oh holy grail raved about' Shu Umera eyelash curlers. Going from using them then going back to these I forget how much I loved these! They do a much better job for my lifeless asian lashes.

What products have you loved this month? Would love to hear your thoughts! x

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tom Ford Lipstick - 04 Indian Rose

Don't we all lust for luxurious lipsticks? *Excluding those that can easily afford 'Tom Ford' lipsicks, but this is one about my one and only Tom Ford lipstick.

"Rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil create an ultra–creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity."
-Selfridges website

Dressed in luxurious packaging, this lipstick is  my one little black and gold dime. As if it were real gold =P.
A little larger in size than regular lipsticks this thing is quite weighty. The lid has a very elegant 'TF' engraved into the top. Such simple but rather expensive looking design. It clips securely on and off so I've never had to worry about it coming off in my handbag and ruining the lipstick

Its very true about the moisture that's packed into this thing. I have felt moisturising lipsticks but I still have to apply lip balm. This glides on the lips effortlessly, oozing with pigments. The texture is very creamy but it doesn't bleed or slide. The formula is long lasting on the lips. It can be worn lightly dabbed on the lips or layered for a more intense colour.

Indian Rose was the colour I opted for out of all. Why? Its the shade that I could use most. I vary from NC25 - NC35 skintone (Mac) and this acts as a perfect everyday pink that I can make use of. I'm not spending £36 on a colour that I won't hardly use.

Overall, I love this lipstick, more than the only two Chanel ones I already own. I need to invest another!

What colours do you recommend? x

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Naked 3 palette, first trial naeutral look

I haven't done an eyeshadow look for a while now and yes I know I always do neutral looks, but you see so many of these dramatic looks that not many people wear in the daytime.

I received the Naked 3 palette for Xmas thanks to my buddy =) So I thought I'd give it a shot and crack right into it!

List of shadows used: Strange / Dust  /Buzz / Liar / Darkside
  1. Buzz - All over lid, up to crease (used wet)
  2. Liar - Above crease and on outer V
  3. Darkside - Just on the outer V to deepen
  4. Dust - on inner tearduct (used wet) *has a lot of fallout!*
  5. Strange - To highlight Brow Bone

I know the metallic colours don't show much under bright lighting. This was my first attempt experimenting with the colours. It was quite a pink look, so I think in future cases I will venture more with the browns.

A quick FOTD snap

What do you think of the Naked 3 palette? x

Friday, 17 January 2014

Thoughts & Review: Maybelline Fit Me concealer - shade 20

Today I have for you one of my favourite undereye concealers. The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in shade 20.

*(Excuse the state of it - you can tell I've used it alot!)*

I have never really been into underye concealing until recent years. Ever since having my own business it has been a chore to try to sleep and it's alot more exhausting, so although my undereye circles aren't bad, they are visible.

Still being new to this whole undereye concealing thing I only picked this up after seeing that Jessica Harlow mentions it in one of her videos as one of her favourite concealers. Several other bloggers have raved about this too so I thought I'd give it a try.

Relatively inexpensive at £5.99 from Boots for 6.8ml of product you can't really go wrong?

It's a standard doe foot applicator which is just the right size to dot around the face or under eye eyes. The only thing is after a while, the product gets really messy around the rim of the tube, kinda like lipglosses do.

The consistency is creamy and blends very easily. It doesn't dry too quick which allows time to blend.

The first picture is my face with everything done with a light foundation, as you can see there's still some darkness peeking through.
Underneath is dabbed and blended. The results are that my under eye area is brighter and colour is more even. It doesn't accentuate any fine lines or crease through the day. You can either use a regular setting powder under or sometimes for extra brightness I use my Ben Nye Banana Powder to set and this stuff doesn't budge!

I can go a 11 hour day without my undereyes wearing and my foundation can be nearly non-existent.

As you can probably guess by now I'm coming to the end of my tube. I suggest getting this when Maybelline go for 3 for 2 at Superdrug's to get the best out of your money (Oh! And don't forget your points card! ;) ).

I also have the shades 25 and 35 for when I need spot concealing or something I can rely on to take on the go. In the summer I also just use this alone in 25 and no foundation. Anyhoo, more on that another time.

Now on the lookout for a new undereye concealer. What do you recommend? x

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Stiletto Nail Trend, what are your thoughts?

I havn't done a nail post in a while so I thought I'd update you all on the most recent nail craze. Stiletto nails.
Originally known as "Rihanna nails" or "Nicki Minaj nails", as they were the first major celebrities to sport them, now it has become the new square. All people seem to want in my salon is stiletto nails. Not plain ones either, the more extravagant the better!

Here's a few pictures of some of my most recent work. You can find more at my Angel Nails page (salon fanpage) or my personal page

Simplicity can be everything. Love pink & gold together.

These took me over an hour and half to do. I love the 3D flowers and the colours we used on an almost clear glittery background.

When painting your nails white please ensure you have a professional do it. If it's messy around the cuticles and streaky it looks so tacky like tippex. If you do it properly, it should look clean and bright like *above*.

She said, "Bright and sparkles", with a deep purple glitter on the thumbs..this is what we ended up with, or shall I say "I". LOVE!

Matte black with all matte black 3D flowers. Bet you never seen that before ey!

White V tips can elongate the look of the nails. A pearly base underneath for some added healthy shine.

"Racks on racks on racksss" You want bling? But you want nude? OH AND black too! Here you go =)

'Take me farrr away into the stars of the sky' These galaxy nails have to been one of my most fave fave favee of 2013, if not, ever! You likeee? ;)

There aren't many colours in this one but DAMNNN did it take me a long time to do, all them hand drawn leopard spots. Hard work pays off hey.

Here's some short pointy ones for y'all. Any shorter than this theres no point having pointy at all. Might as well have stubs. Yes the stripes are all hand drawn

These are screamin' Barbie but with 'modern' in front. A brighter, more universal barbie. A girls best friend, diamonds and glitter. 

For you more simple girls. Nude pink gel polish (IBD Seashell Pink) and Swarovski crystals (yes! REAL Swarovski scrystals!) Can you think of anything more bling? Missed these badboys blinging under the spotlights of my house =(

Something to overpower them alll! RED! Can't go wrong with pointy and red!

Which ones do you guys like? Remember to like my fanpages if you like my work! =)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub - Vanilla & Chocolate

Exfoliating your skin is somewhat of a common sense skincare routine procedure, but not everyone thinks to exfoliate their lips. You see all these online home remedies for DIY lip scrubs and whatnot but hey! Why waste the time when you can buy one that lasts you forever! Unlike makeup, it doesn't go off!

Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub - Vanilla & Chocolate

If you're not familiar with Lush they are a Handmade Cosmetics company who focus on the most organic ingredients, and DON'T test on animals! Yayy!
Their Lip Scrubs come in several flavours, although just checking on their website they only have Bubblegum available? So maybe check in individual stores see if they still have others?

The product comes in a little 25g glass jar which is very sturdy to carry around, although sometimes a little heavy for everyday if you don't use it all the time.

Its a simple sugar scrub which igredients include Castor Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vanilla Extract, Cocoa, and Targetes Oil. The scrub can be used by itself on dry lips and wiped off after or the Lush Sales Consultants even say you can eat it afterwards because it's just sugar! But think about that one first...you scrub your lips with this, and eat it AFTER? You will have dead skin cells mixed inside that scrub once your done with the lips so are you gonna eat your own dead skin? Really? No didnt think so! So don't listen to them, I don't think it's very healthy, Just wash off or wipe off excess with a tissue.

My lips are always extremely dry and cracked, nevermind the winter months, my body is in desperation for moist! I use this 2-3 times a week and it keeps my lips healthy and plumped. Lip Balm is always most effective straight after using this too.

Below is a picture of how my lips are before and after use:

Left: Dry and icky =( *sad face*  
Right: Plumped, circulation is better so lips are pinker, Lips are fuller looking. =D *happy face*

If you're lazy like me and cant be bothered to make your own at home. I would definately recommend investing in one of these.They're £5.50 but honestly, this has lasted me over a year, if not more! and I've only used like half.

Can you recommend any other great affordable lip scrubs? x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

This Works Sleeping Partners - definitely my sleeping partner now!

The busiest most stressful time of year has just passed and after watching the many "Christmas gift idea" videos on Youtube, celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge mentioned the This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil.
After a week of not much sleep and overworking I decided to check this out at my local Boots store. Then I saw this larger kit with a pillow spray and a night oil in one for around £30 I think.

This Works is a brand that uses all natural ingredients that are proven to work. Attracted by the concept and uniqueness of this particular product I just had to. 
The spray you can use to spritz all over your pillow and a little on your blanket too to help with a good night sleep, and the night oil you can use all over your body as a massage oil or a moisturiser. I use the oil around my shoulder area where I get the most tension alongside the spray before bed.

The first night I used it I did get a really good nights deep sleep, I felt so refreshed in the morning. I thought nahhh, it can't be this stuff, can't be that effective! So I used it for a whole week...let me tell you, it's the shizzle!

I started to get addicted to using this and now I've stopped using it I only use it on very stressful days.
You really do have to try to believe! The fact that it's all natural ingredients too is very reassuring. I'm not breathing in any bad substances whilst my body is resting.

They do not have this set for sale anymore. I believe they do have a few on ASOS, there were other options too. Or you can purchase them individually online or at a larger Boots store.

Have you tried this? What do you think? x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

NYX Matte Bronzer - MBB03 Medium Review

For the majority of 2013 I have really loved contouring. It's a religious everyday routine that I cannot live without now. 
When you have a oval face shape, tying up your hair for work everyday is very unflattering so contouring is a must!!

Along my contour journey the NYX Matte Bronzer wandered into my path and said "oh hello, I'm completely Matte, and I'm affordable! Try me!"

The Bronzer comes in 5 shades - MBB01-05, Light, Deep, Medium, Dark Tan & Deep Tan.
My skin ranges from NW20 to NC/W30 throughout the year and this shade Medium has served me well.
I can't remember why I didn't go for Deep and went straight for Medium, I believe that some of the bronzers have more of a pink tone to them.

There sis 9.5g of product for GBP8.00 (but I got mine at IMATS London for around £5/6 I think?) which really I couldn't pass!

The colour is a little too warm for me in the winter when I have lighter skin. It comes off a little orange if you apply too much. So you can use a softer bronzer and then this on top if you want more definition. Otherwise its great when my skin is a little warmer.

The texture can be a little chalky and heavy but with a good blending/blush/contour brush it does the trick. Just make sure you don't apply this straight onto liquid foundation! It's so hard to blend out afterwards! Make sure you set your liquid foundation with a setting powder first and this blends beautifully.

I can also use this for a soft contour when I have false tan on for a night out. It doesn't show much but the intensity is buildable.

Below are pictures of before and after in daylight. I am currently Mac NW20 skintone.

*Skin with just foundation*
*With NYX Bronzer to contour cheekbones*

It actually looks harsher close up in pictures from the side than it does face forward. After using this I feel like my face is so much slimmer!

I love this bronzer for the price but the ONLY downfall it being that sometimes it's the minutest bit orange but then I guess I need the lighter shade for those lighter skin days.

For £8 a pop you can't really go wrong with this. I am hitting pan now which doesn't happen often with me. I would give it a try but find the right shade for you!

Have you tried this? Can you recommend any other drugstore matte bronzers? x

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream Review

Body Shop are a worldwide brand yet not many beauty bloggers or youtubers 'rave' about Body Shop products. Many love their body butters and when they go on offer (which is like, all the time!) they're a bargain!

This time I have something else for you, The Body Shop ALMOND Hand and Nail Cream. 

This cream is a medium texture cream. Not as rich as some, quite lightweight in fact. It rubs into a more watery consistency and sinks into the skin very quickly.
This cream to me is more like a scented moisturising water, kinda like what face mists do for your face. A little in the long term, not much straight away. I can use this every 2 minutes and my hands still feel the same. It doesn't give any immediate effect to dryness so I skipped using this large version (I had the mini handbag version before). It smells very lightly of almond nothing too overpowering but the smell doesn't linger too long. *sad face*

The packaging is also a total hate relationship in my eyes. The mini one is made of the same packaging and it's a soft aluminium foil like material. When you bend it too much, holes appear and the metal somewhat snaps, then the product leaks. Made a mess in my handbag. Now I'm just trying the large size up for the sake of it.

This is one of my least favourite hand creams of alot that I've tried.

Have you tried this before? What do you think? x

Monday, 6 January 2014

New Nude Love - Loreal Collection Privee Cheryl

I'm not really a fan of nude lipsticks. My old time favourite was Mac's 'Faux' likpstick for a wearable everyday colour.
I have found a new fave! Loreals Collection Privee Lipstick - Cheryl's colour. 

At first I saw swatches and reviews online but the colour swatches never tempted me! But the packaging however.....phwoof! Matte black and shiny gold together is just so sexy! All this black and gold trend towards the end of 2013 was so me! The only other things I can think of black and gold (lipstick wise) were Chanel and Tom Ford. Who could resist hey? =) *smirk*  It's also kinda cute that they have all the celebrities signature on the fronts of them too!

The limited edition collection are tailor made nudes that each of the L'Oreal models wear. The models were - Julianne Moore,Freida Pinto, Doutzen Kroes, Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole, and Liya. Each of the models have different skintones and are of different ethnicities so I figured, hey, I should be able to find something for me, and I did!

Originally I thought that the Eva one would suit me better because I am not extremely pale but I'm not overly dark either. But noooo it was a bit too browny purple toned for my skin. This was the best pink nude for me (currently NW20 in Mac).

Escuse my used lipstick marks, but how can you ignore the posh markings on the inside of the lipstick. They also smell like the good old soft sweet smell that Loreal lipsticks have. What would you describe it as? I dunno but it's beautiful!

The lipstick itself is very sheer but buildable which is great. On the lips it gives that little bit of colour without it being too overpowering. You also won't get your lips cracking with this at all it's so moisturising! Staying power is not the best but for me to find a nude that doesn't wash me out is like the best thing ever! I guess the sheerness and hydration factors are what make the lipsticks so universally attractive.

These are still currently on sale at Boots still for £8.19 here.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

1 Year On - Clinique 3 Step System Review

During my quest to find my new favorite skincare range after finishing my Dermalogica set the Clinique 3 step system came into my path.
After attracting me to their counters with their fancy lights and magnifying glass things to "look closely at your skin" they persuaded me to try their range. So I bought the whole lot!
(Dumbass me thought they had a fancy magnifying glass with a microscope and a computer system. Turns out it's just a big ring magnifying glass with a light on it!)
Anyhoooo.. enough of that!

 They have 4 sets altogether:-

  • Set1 - Dry to very dry 
  • Set2 - Dry Combination (mine)
  • Set3 - Oily
  • Set4 - Very Oily

To begin with, I think they should have had a set for sensitive skin types or dry/sensitive instead of 2 oily kits and a combination. My sister is oilier than me and we always thought that she had oily skin and me dry, but we both got classed the same (Dry combination) at several Cliniqe counters.

All kits include a cleanser, "toner"(more on that later), and a "moisturiser" (again, more on that later!)

I have never used Clinique before this. At the counter I was told that the moisturiser in the kit would not be enough for my dry cheeks so it would be more beneficial to invest in a more intense cream. I also wanted to invest in an eye cream so I took one of theirs too.  I ended up splurging over £160 on the whole set which was like a smack in the face for me. BUT, if I use everything as they suggest I figured, it should work perfectly right?

*A makeup remover was also recommended to be used before the cleanser as the cleanser alone wouldn't do the trick*

Step 1 - Liquid Facial Soap
This is one of those cleansers that you rub onto bare skin first (as in after using makeup remover), then use water to rinse away. This cleanser works great purely as a cleanser and nothing else. Clinique were right in saying that it won't remove all makeup, just dirt on the surface of the skin. It doesn't sting or irritate the skin at all when my skin was very slightly oily on t-zone during summertime but do not go near this one if you are any less than normal skin type.

Step2 - Clarifying Lotion
I was told that this was not an original toner. It acts more as an exfoliant, or even a 2in1. Whilst using this I was advised that I would not need a seperate exfoilater because the use of this once a day just on my t-zone and just a little over the rest of my face in downward swiping motions on a cotton pad would do the trick .

This was great whilst my skin was a little oily during the warmer months however I found that using an exfoliater once a week made a difference to my skin. It was a lie to say that you don't need one. Now that my skin is very dry in these winter months I have stopped using this completely. It also has a very strong alcoholic smell to it and can sting the skin and irritate the eyes if you use it anywhere near the eyes. 

Step3 - Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
This is a lightweight moisturiser that is supposed to leave skin feeling soft and glowing. The  yellow tone gives the skin a healthier glowing complexion. Or does it?

In the summer months my skin is dry and slightly oily in the t-zone. In the winter my skin is dry all over. So generally quite dry. This moisturiser did nothing for my skin. I used this alongside the Moisturesurge intense as a night cream and in the morning and the Superdefense SPF25 as a daytime moisutriser. Sometimes I would skip this yellow step completely and it didn't make much of a difference.
It's very comfortable on the skin to wear and sinks right in and not sticky at all, but for any extra benefits to my skin I didn't find anything.

The products overall are good for specific use. They were good together alongside my "extra necessities" but really I don't think it's worth the splurge. There are too many products to use all in one go. I count 6. NO THANKS. And it only works well when my skin is actually combination.
I would rather invest in a really good cleanser and moisturiser than exfoliate twice a week like I used to, rather than use a makeup remover AND a cleanser AND toner AND moisturiser And another moisturiser (you get the drift right?)

Out of the 3 products the cleanser is OK (5/10) but the other 2 I wouldn't repurchase again. I need to move on with my life again now.
Any suggestions for some good cleansers/toners/moisturisers for me to try in 2014 for my dry skin? x